Bin Laden’s death opens old wounds for airline workers
News from Chicago Tribune:

Osama bin Laden’s death brought closure, but not celebration, to many airline workers.

Every time they secure a cockpit door, walk through security checkpoints or eye nervous passengers, employees of United and American airlines are reminded of the Sept. 11 tragedy and the 35 friends and co-workers who died in hijacked jets.

News of bin Laden’s death Sunday brought a jolt of memory of the sadness and shock they felt during the attacks. The terror strikes also profoundly changed everyday life in aviation.

The attacks were a deeply personal blow for those who worked at the largest U.S. carriers, said current and former employees of Chicago-based United and Dallas-based American.

Andrew Studdert, United’s operations chief at the time, said the sense of violation was all the gr…………… continues on Chicago Tribune
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Airline fare surge in lean season
News from Calcutta Telegraph:

Fliers fumed, Air India counted its losses and private airlines made the most of a lean-season surge in traffic as the strike by pilots of the national carrier entered the sixth day.

Air India operated only eight of its 20 flights out of Calcutta on Monday, leaving in the lurch many fliers who had booked tickets weeks in advance. Worse, some of the flight cancellations were announced at the last moment.

Soldier M.K. Jitsing, on his way to hometown Imphal on annual leave, decided to travel by train after being told by Air India officials that they could not immediately transfer him to a private airline. “They kept me waiting for information about my flight status, only to cancel it. Then they said there was no vacancy on any other flight. I don’t have the money to buy a fresh ticket,” rued the 27-year-old, posted in Jalandhar.

Had Jitsing opted for a private airline, he would have had to pay …………… continues on Calcutta Telegraph
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