Air travel from Mumbai to become costlier from today
News from Zee News:

Mumbai: The cost of air travel from the city will go up by Rs 600 for those flying to overseas destinations and by Rs 100 for domestic travellers with the levy of development fee from Tuesday.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has directed all the air-carriers to collect development fee from passengers and subsequently deposit the same with Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL), which is managing the airport, a Aeronautical Information circular issued today said.

The circular comes with the Government giving its approval to the levy of development fee of Rs 100 from the domestic passengers and Rs 600 from the overseas travellers.

The levy is purely on ad-hoc basis and valid for 23 months, starting from May 1, the circular stated.

The central government had in February 2009 allowed MIAL to collect Rs 100 and Rs 600 from domestic and international passengers.

However, the Supreme Court on April 26 last year held that no DF could be levied or collected from the embarking passengers at major airports unless an Authority determines the rate of such DF.

Later, the MIAL had requested tariff regulator Airport Economic Regulatory Authority to fix the DF saying any delay would affect developmental work being carried at the airport due to shortage of funds.


First Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2012, 09:08

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Ethnic Profiling by TSA? ‘Fly Rights’ App Made for Complaints
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Thanks to smartphones, airline passengers have been able to pay for baggage, check in for flights and pull up boarding passes all with the swipe of a touch screen. Now, with the tap of an app, they can also fire off complaints about airport security screenings conducted by the Transportation Security Administration.

The Sikh Coalition, which released the Fly Rights app Monday, claims that the 11 TSA screening complaints investigated during the first half of 2011 were woefully unrepresentative of how many fliers were actually being pulled aside for their race, religion or ethnicity.

“I would say that some of our board members have more than 11 complaints in a quarter,” said Sikh Coalition program director Amardeep Singh. “With the app, what we are trying to do is say ‘No, there are more people out there that have issues with the screening procedures than you think.’”

“I’m feeling optimistic that we are going to put them [TSA] at their paces and that it will significantly, perhaps even exponentially, increase the number of complaints filed,” Singh told ABC News.

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