The golden days of air travel: How glorious were they?
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Saturday, May 26, 2012 – 5:50pm

Editor’s note: The Traveler’s Psyche is a five-week series focusing on travel scenarios that stir emotion. We’re starting with frustration and will wind up on a happy note in June. Next week we’ll take a closer look at airplane seats, air rage and the TSA.

The crowds cheered as the pilots and flight attendants of Delta Flight 295 cut a ceremonial red ribbon before the television cameras.

Water cannons sprayed the first official flight out of Atlanta’s new international terminal this month as the airplane headed…………… continues on KETK

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Perkins on Travel: Europe’s newest train, Italo, wins high marks
News from San Jose Mercury News:

Italy’s new Italo represents the best in high-speed rail travel, and it’s a pleasure to experience.

For starters, this train service provides exactly what you want for intercity travel: comfortable seats and good onboard service at almost 200 miles an hour, with none of the hassles of short-haul air travel.

You can’t miss the deep-red color scheme. And on board, you find “Smart” (second class) seats in a 2-2 arrangement that are noticeably more comfortable than economy airline seats, “Prima” (first class) seats in a 1-2 arrangement that generally outdo domestic first-class air, and a private “Club” cabin that’s even plusher. Trains have all the latest features you expect, including onboard Wi-Fi; a second-class “cinema” cabin offers live TV.

As with all top-level trains, the whole experience of being able to get up and wander around a bit is a welcome relief from “keep your seat belts fastened.”

Italo provides two services that international tourists are likely to find especially helpful:

  • A dedicated and staffed reception area in each station where you can make arrangements, get help, rest, and log on to Wi-Fi.
  • A corps of uniformed agents that patrol outside the ticket office and on the platforms to provide information for — and assistance to — anyone in need. The agents I met…………… continues on San Jose Mercury News

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