Ask Flier sees red over JetBlue’s schedule change
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8:47 a.m. EST, August 20, 2012|By George Hobica, (MCT)

Q: I am angry at JetBlue. My little sisters and I are traveling to Montego Bay for a Sept. 7-10 trip. The youngest and I are traveling out of New York on BWIA non-stop. The middle one is flying out of Boston on JetBlue. The flight we booked on purpose was supposed to leave Boston around 6 a.m., connect in Orlando and get her into Montego at 10:54 a.m. We booked this flight because we bought tour packages worth $ 675 per person that include transportation and security leaving from Montego at 1 p.m. that day to Kingston National Stadium and back. The flight was purchased in May. These packages are non-refundable and the bus leaves Montego Bay exactly at 1 p.m. Without explanation, JetBlue on June 19 sent my sister an e-mail saying there’s a schedule change and she will land at Montego Bay at 1:15 p.m. We have tried arguing with them over and over again, like asking them to fly her into Orlando the night before (which is still inconvenient for her) and pay for her hotel at Orlando Airport, and they are not willing to do that. All they say is the…………… continues on Orlando Sentinel

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Santa Monica-based Surf Air, the startup airline which is looking to remake air travel with its unlimited, subscription-based air flights between Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and a few other select locations, told its supporters today that it is now readjusting its timeline for launch, and anticipates flying by the end of 2012. The startup airline–headed by Wade Eyerly and backed by such venture firms as Anthem Venture Partners, NEA, TriplePoint Capital, Siemer Ventures, Baroda Ventures, and a number of high profile angels–is currently working through the process of FAA certification. The MuckerLab startup recently moved into its own offices near the Third Street Promenade. Surf Air is looking to offer up flights between private airports via subscription, using a reservation system to manage the dynamics of offering unlimited flights between its locations. The major barrier so far to the firm’s service has been the slow process of FAA safety certifications for airlines.

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