Beginner’s guide to Alaska
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You don’t have to see the same places everyone else does. Here’s Sunset’s guide to the coolest glaciers, biggest bears, and best small towns

The ultimate dream vacation

Alaska is the ultimate dream vacation. But the thing about dreams is that they can be amazing and a little scary.

Same with Alaska. The state has 100,000 glaciers, thousands of brown and black bears, and 586,412 square miles—bigger than Arizona, California,
Montana, and Oregon combined. How can you decide which glaciers/bears/square miles to see? The sheer overwhelming magnitude prompts many first-time
Alaska travelers to take shelter in guided group tours, which visit all the same places your sister-in-law saw on her Alaska vacation.

There’s nothing wrong with that—Alaska’s standard tourist stops are, indeed, astonishing. But if you want your first Alaska visit to be even more
extraordinary, plan on hitting these 10 destinations that locals mostly keep to themselves. You’ll leave knowing that your dream vacation has been

Watch big, big bears

In parts of Alaska, bears outnumber people by a large margin. But where to see them easily and safely? Pack Creek on Admiralty Island is famous. But we
like Anan Wildlife Observatory, near Wrangell, even more. Anan Creek gets so jammed with salmon it…………… continues on Fox News

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11 spectacular vacations you should book right now
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We know you’d rather not think about the depths of winter when the summer sun is still bright. But booking your dream deep-winter vacation now–whether it’s skiing the Rockies, exploring a tropical volcano, or just hanging on a pristine beach–can nail down a price that’s within your reach.

Sure, you’ve still got sand in your shoes. Baseball season is still in full swing. But there’s no use denying it: The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting chillier, and winter is on its way. But there’s good news: We’ve found 11 irresistible winter getaways that can put you on world-class slopes or white-sand beaches. There’s just one catch: If you want a price as dreamy as these trips, don’t wait for the first snowfall to make your reservation.



Orlando, Fla.

There’s a good reason folks around the world book theme park vacations a year or more in advance: While admission to the parks ain’t cheap–often topping $ 80 per day for adults–you can get a break on airfare and hotel reservations by booking early. Orlando, Fla., is the epicenter for park sharks–it’s home to Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld Orlando, and Walt Disney World.

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