Planning a vacation? Consider flying on these days
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>>> an airfare analyst in ” usa today ” is out with a list of the four best days to fly. thanksgiving day , december 18th , march 20th because flights to europe go up in price 20% the next day, and june 3rd for the best fares from the west coast to tokyo on singapore airlines , super jumbo airbus 380 . we posted the entire list for you on the web.

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The must-see sights for a great Arizona vacation
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(BPT) – America’s Southwest captures the minds of travelers from around the globe, and Americans themselves are no exception. Its spectacular landscapes, fascinating history and unique culture make it a legendary getaway. For visitors, deciding what to see can be a bit of a challenge – there are just so many choices. With a little expert guidance, though, your Arizona vacation will include a variety of travel experiences from the national parks to authentic western towns.

The beginnings of an Arizona vacation will have a touch of urban flair if travelers fly into Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Close by, the city of Scottsdale is a mecca of shopping and Southwest style, complete with luxurious resorts. A pampering stay at a classic resort like Troon North is a great start to any trip.

Next up, travelers have the opportunity to see some of the most memorable sights in the world. Starting out from Scottsdale, these are some of the absolute “musts” for any Arizona vacation.

* Sedona. This small town has captured the imaginations of generations of artists, and its atmosphere is a blend of new age and Old West. Nestled into beautiful landscapes of red rock, Sedon…………… continues on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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