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It’s that time of year again when extended families gather around the table and partake of a feast before or after going to church. Then off to the living room, preferably in front of a festively lit Christmas tree, to open presents.

Christmastime for many families is full of tradition, from the eating to gift exchange to Grandpa reading “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”

But in this high-tech world, the attention span for most is measured on how fast that text message is delivered, or email, picture message, etc.

“No one really talks to each other anymore like how we used to do it when I was a kid,” said 59-year-old Ronnie Capatid. “We used to gather around the tree, laugh till we cry at my grandfather’s joke, and just talk to each other. Now, everyone is on their cellphones, tablets or computers and the next thing you know, everyone already left.

“There’s really no time for bonding,” she said.

So, last year, Capatid, a single father, saved his money and instead of buying gifts for his two college-age daughters, he bough an all-inclusive vacation package to Jamaica, where he will be sitting by the beach listening to “Kokomo” instead of “Jingle Bells.”

“I went online and got a great package, but it took a while to research the best deal,” Capatid said, adding that his daughters are looking forward to the trip. “I think this will be o…………… continues on

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