Airline Travel Could Become Less Popular for Vacations
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5 Stealth Ways to Make Air Travel More Fun
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I have flown millions of miles on several airlines, which means some weeks I spend more time in the air than on the ground.

While most of the time I find decent service on my flights, there have been a few trips where ground or flight crews seemed eager to live up to the old airline motto: “We’re not happy until you’re not happy.”

Recently I sat down with my friend Ron Kaufman, who lives in Singapore and may be one of the few people who travels more than me. We brainstormed a few stealth ways to improve your air travel experience. Try these on your next trip and see if they help.

1. Look for innovations.

Here’s a secret most savvy marketers know: Airports have one of the largest concentrations of high net-worth individuals anywhere. So it makes sense that smart brands use airports to launch their latest ideas. When you get to the airport, keep your eyes peeled for who’s advertising, who’s offering up their new wares.

In London Ron found a hot dog cart selling laptop computers. In Abu Dhabi there’s a vending machine that dispenses gold bars. In Los Angeles I found a place that sells homemade quinoa pepper soup. In New York a candy vendor was selling buckets of peanut butter—yes buckets—and they were moving!

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