These days, air travel becomes a test of perseverance – and patience
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Flying was once such sweet pleasure.

Oldtimers can remember the white glove days. Now it is torture. Take off your shoes, belt and jacket, prepare to be frisked, pay for bags, fight for leg room, sit in narrow seats flanked by overweight grouches.

We are all grouches anymore, all frustrated with the indignities of travel, the trudging from terminal to terminal.

In the last year, I have been delayed six times on … six flights. Weather is usually the excuse, but as often as not it is the lack of equipment, malfunctioning equipment or the design of the air control system that convolutes the options from here to there and 9/11 compounded the misery.

So, getting there is now like running an Algonquin gauntlet. Each step, each stop is a beating. There are no more friendly skies.

From Fort Wayne it took four hours and some minutes to get to Chicago. The airline’s app stubbornly read “On Time.”

We sat one long hour on the runway waiting to use a gate where another plane was being de-iced, or so they said. It rained outside. We were still on time, according to the app, but four hours late by my watch.

My sprint to the next gate was coupled with a ride on a VIP cart that just happened to go my way. The driver was a cheerful woman whose kindness, bright smile and thumb on the horn got me to my gate by a whisker.

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B/E Aerospace (BEAV) stock jumped 11% in massive volume early Monday after the company said it may put itself up for sale to cash in on surging global air travel.

The world’s largest maker of aircraft-cabin interior products such as seats, food carts and equipment fasteners said that putting itself on the market was one option it was considering to increase shareholder value. Other options include merging or spinning off a division or unit as a separate company.

The company didn’t disclose details such as whether it was in talks with any potential partners and said in a statement that it has set no timetable.

B/E Aerospace also canceled its planned annual shareholder meeting in Winston-Salem, N.C. that was slated to take place on Monday.

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