Why the Latest Air-Scare Shows How Safe Airline Travel Is, Not How Dangerous
News from The Atlantic:

The flying world’s counterpart to your car’s airbag and anti-skid brakes.

Yesterday I mentioned a widely circulated web account from an author who felt he had narrowly avoided being part of what would have been history’s worst airline disaster. Indeed, that was the headline on Kevin Townsend’s post on Medium: “Two Weeks Ago I Almost Died in the Deadliest Plane Crash Ever.”

While the episodea sudden if brief descent by a United air crew over the Pacific, to be sure it stayed out of the path of another planemight well have been frightening, the hundreds of passengers on the two planes never faced any danger of a mid-air crash. The quick descent indicated the safety of today’s air-travel system, not its brink-of-disaster shoddiness.

Think of the analogy of car airbags. When an airbag goes off in a car, I am sure it scares the bejeezus out of anyone on board (I’ve never experienced it), plus possibly bruising them and, for infants in the front seat, doing real da…………… continues on The Atlantic

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