‘Miracle Flight’ provides sick children a Disney vacation
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A vacation sounds good anytime of the year, right? Well, four-year-old Jack and his New Jersey family sure could use a break.

They are Florida bound on what many call the “Miracle Flight”. It’s especially for sick children, and Jack knows exactly where he’s heading.

He’s heading to Disney World!

Jack was born with Cystic Fibrosis and has been fighting it ever since. And today he’s getting his wish granted.

The charity group “Take a Breather” partnered with American Airlines’ Something mAAgic Foundation to fly Jack, his sister Ashley, their parents, and grandmother on an all-expenses paid trip to Orlando.

Action News caught up with the family at the Philadelphia International Airport just before they took off.

It’s to help give the entire family something to smile about and allow them to take their mind off of Jack’s illness for a few days and simply have fun.

William Kinanhan, Jack’s father, tells us, “It’s amazing. Unbelievable. I almost feel a little guilty, like I’m – we’re not worthy. But definitely super appreciative. He loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show so he’s pretty excited about seeing the clubhouse.”

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