Air travel report highlights Montana airports
News from NBC Montana:


A new Air Travel Consumer Report highlights Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport as the state’s most popular airport.

The study breaks down the highs and lows of airports and airlines around the United States. Of the Montana airports, Bozeman Yellowstone International topped the list for number of flights in and out.

While Bozeman Yellowstone International had the most flights, it also had the lowest on-time percentage for arrivals and departures in all of Montana, but travelers still said it’s their first choice.

“It’s easy in, easy out, friendly, courtesy people,” said frequent flyer Joel Menuez.

Firsttime Bozeman visitor Adam White said he’s experienced many airline problems in the past, but not with his trip to Bozeman.

“Calm and soft and less of the hustle and bustle of a big city,” said White.

Another first-time visitor agreed. “The airport itself is very not confusing and very easy to navigate,” said Taylor Lees.

Others said the airport exceeded their expectations.

“I just would have expected Belgrade, Montana, little tiny airport, nothing like this,” s…………… continues on NBC Montana

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