Why Airline Travel Sucks (It’s Partially Your Fault)
News from Co.Design:

We’ll call him Mr. X. He has decades of experience working with some of the biggest players in the airline industry. And he hates flying every bit as much as you do.

The difference, though, is that Mr. X is probably more pragmatic than you or I. So while he originally agreed to this interview to expose the dirty laundry of the airline industry, what he ended up doing was offering a more nuanced explanation of why things were so bad. Thanks to the Internet, air travel has become price-point commoditized in a race to the bottom. And the industry, which is a service rather than a product, is caught up in a cycle of constant maintenance, rather than improvement.

“I’m not trying to be an apologist for the airlines,” he says. “But the thing that probably gets lost a little bit along the way is that the average passenger doesn’t understand the economics at work with air travel.”

Necessary Density

The biggest complaint we all have—that airlines are quietly moving seats closer and closer together, eliminating our legroom—is both true and valid. However, at the…………… continues on Co.Design

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Why Does Air Travel Make People So Grumpy?
News from The Atlantic:

Few things make Americans more publicly irate than flying. Every day brings a new Twitter rant, and most of them are too unhinged to even be entertaining. On Twitter, the variety of airlines called out as the “worst” is surprising—American, United, Spirit, EasyJet, and even proper old British Airways regularly receive severe condemnation—but at this point, the accompanying vitriol isn’t surprising in the least.

This is not to say that travelers’ complaints aren’t justified. Not too long ago, flying could be a relatively pleasant experience, but executives focused on cutting costs have stripped away everything flyers associated with luxury or even dignity. Food, baggage handling, boarding in a logical manner: Things once taken for granted now must be paid for or done without. Flights are more crowded than they’ve been since World War II, when they were carrying troops. And on a recent Ryanair flight, I discovered that not even water was free.

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